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Ivoclar IvoBase® Injection System

You can count on consistent results every time when you choose dentures using the IvoBase Injection System from Jax Dental Dental Lab. The SR IvoBase System produces highly accurate methyl methacrylate-based dentures. After mixing, the material is injected into the flask under pressure. Constant pressure is applied during polymerization. As the denture base material flows consistently, the shrinkage of the material is optimally compensated. The results is a denture with precise fit, excellent finish and glossy basal surfaces. product-1


Vivadent High Quality Teeth by Ivoclar


TCS Partial

tcs® Unbreakable has a lifetime guaranteed against breakage. Extensive testing and clinical history has validated that tcs® Unbreakable will not break under proper use of the restoration.

tcs® Unbreakable benefits

  • nylon based thermoplastic
  • Guaranteed Unbreakable
  • Clinically Unbreakable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable yet flexible
  • Can Repairable and reline
  • Stain resistant
  • Stain free
  • Very low water absorption
  • Available in 4 translucent shades


Dual Soft Night Guard

Hard outer layer is durable and sparkling clear and soft inner layer rests comfortably against teeth and gums.

Surgical guide

Surgical guides using Galileos 3D CT by Sirona

CEREC and Gali front of brochure


Implant crown fabrication