I am very happy to have JR Dental lab as part of our dental team. They provide consistent functional and aesthetic products which illustrates they are as dedicated, as I am, to provide the best for my patients. Thanks JR Dental Lab.
—Dr. Hanna

I have been using JR Dental Laboratory for almost 2 years now. As any other dental office here in Jacksonville, FL, we tried many different labs and products for a long time. However, there was never a total satisfaction with the results and products coming from any of these labs at all. There was always something wrong from ill-fitting dentures with no retention or palatal seal or ill-fitting partials after final processing. These adjustments increased chair side time and my ability to see other patients. After these bad experiences with other labs, l decided to try JR Dental Lab services, a dental lab that can offer a high quality dental appliance, reducing chair side time, fewer remakes, different occlusion philosophies, fast turnaround time, and high quality materials. I am very happy to be using JR Dental Lab and I won’t hesitate to recommend it to any dental practitioner wanting to make a positive change in their office.
—Dr. Gonzalez

Angela, one of the technicians is a dentist from another country, that along make a great difference. She sees the products from another point of view.
—Jacksonville Dentist

My chair side adjustments for complete denture has reduce almost 90 % and the retention on the complete denture is amazing. The Ivobase injection system really makes a great difference.
—Jacksonville Dentist